Unemployed? Not At All A Problem In These Countries!

Nothing is worse than losing your job. Your steady income flow gets disrupted, and worse still, it imperils your career. But not so if you are living in any of these nations, where “unemployed” is not such a scary word, thanks to the generous unemployment benefits.

Interestingly, most of these nations are in Europe where social welfare schemes are the best in the world.

Top 10 countries with maximum benefits for Unemployed:



You wouldn’t feel the pinch at all if you find yourself without a job in Denmark – you can claim almost 90 percent of the previous salary! The total payment that you can receive, however, has a cap. To avail the benefit, you must register on the first day of unemployment at jobnet.dk. As an unemployed, you will also have access to job search assistance and training programmes, among other things.



It is the next best nation for the jobless for one can claim almost 80 percent of one’s average salary drawn over the past 12 months. One just needs to be a registered member of a voluntary income-related insurance for at least a year for that. However, it comes down to 70 percent after the first 200 days. Unemployment pay is for a maximum of 300 days, post which it is extended for another 150 days for those with children. The total amount that one can receive is also capped at a certain level. For those registered under a basic insurance scheme for less than year, an amount of SEK 365 is paid per day.

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Generous social benefits include significant allowance for the unemployed too. As they scout for new jobs, they are entitled to around 62 percent of their previous incomes for two years. Social security benefit such as sickness benefit and parental benefit are also included in the figure. However, the total sum someone can receive as unemployment benefit is capped at NOK 555,456.



The unemployment benefit paid by the government agency Kela, in charge of settling benefits under national social security benefits, is EUR 32.40 per day. The amount is paid for five days per week, notwithstanding mid-week holidays. The amount is increased if one has children. Ageing people who satisfy work criteria often avail the opportunity on their path to retirement since it can be extended further after the maximum period of 500 days for them. The only unsavoury bit in an otherwise perfect unemployment benefit scheme – one must pay taxes on the unemployment pay.



While one is entitled to receive unemployment benefits indefinitely, the amount is reduced over the years. At present, one gets 65 percent of the last salary received in the first three months. It comes down to 60 percent after that. The maximum one can draw, however, is €2,547.39 per month. Those having part-tome work can receive a supplementary allowance.



Those who have worked for a significant number of years can claim almost 65 percent of the salary. While those below the age of 50 can claim the benefit for two years, those above 50 can claim it for longer. And the icing on the cake is that unemployment pay is available to high earners too whose salaries are close to €6,959. Those who haven’t worked at all or long enough to qualify, also receive a minimum wage. A childless person is entitled to €514 per month, and a couple with two children €1,079.

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If you find yourself without a means of sustenance, the government will provide you almost 60 percent of the net wage you received on an average per day in the past 12 months. In case you have children, you will be entitled to almost 67 percent of that amount. The maximum amount one can receive is capped at a certain figure. Labour offices pay unemployment benefit for 24 months at most.



Depending upon your contribution to the Pay Related Social Insurance (PRSI), unemployment pay will be doled out to you for six or nine months. There is also a job seekers allowance which is increased depending upon qualifications and number of children. All such benefits kick in in three to four days after one loses job.



While most employers pay a severance package depending on the number of years one has worked for an organization, the government has a solid plan for those who find themselves jobless too. An unemployed person must register with local branch of his unemployment office and file a claim with National Insurance Institute for that. If found eligible, a monthly stipend which is a percentage of one’s previous salary is paid. The maximum that can be received is 7,600 NIS per month. The maximum number of days for which the benefits can received is 175, and this length is for people over the age of 45. Those under 45 receive it for a reduced number of days. The benefit amount is also reduced after a certain number of days.



Once you become unemployed, you will be entitled to support payments till you land another job, or for six months, whichever comes first. You can receive 50 to 80 percent of the average daily wage (lower-wage earners are generally awarded higher percentages) after seven days for 90 to 330 days depending upon your age and reasons for unemployment. The benefit may be extended for another 60 days for insured persons after factoring in the circumstances under which he or she lost the job. The minimum daily benefit is 1,600 yen. The maximum daily benefit is 7,505 yen. Allowances are paid for vocational training, transportation for job search and lodging.

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