7 Strong Reasons For 30 Minutes Morning Walk Everyday!

Most of us want to hit gym everyday, but we might not be able to do so because of our busy schedule. In that case, we might end up thinking how to keep our body and mind healthy. What could be the best exercise in these cases? Yes, that’s nothing but Walking. One of the best ways to start your day is to go for a morning walk. It is a low-intensity workout, that will not only help you lose weight, but also relieve stress and calm your mind.

7 Reasons Why You Should Go For A Morning Walk Everyday:
Best Exercise for Weight Loss:

Walking 30 minutes at moderate speed will help you reduce weight. Research says walking could reduce the effect of the genes that promote obesity by half.

Prevent Cancer:

According to a study conducted by the American Cancer Society, the risk of breast cancer decreases by 14 percent by walking up to 7 hours per week. The study included 73,600 participants and the time duration was more than two decades.

Reduces Heart Decease:

Regular walk strengthens your heart and hence reduces the risk of heart decease. As it is a low-intensity cardio workout, it helps increasing the HDL (High Density Lipoprotein) levels and decreasing the LDL (Low Density Lipoprotein) levels.

Improves Immunity:

Daily walking can reduce the risk of any decease by about 43 percent. 30 minutes walk can improve the immunity and helps the body in fighting infection.

Lower Blood Pressure:

Walking for about 10 minutes everyday will help lower your blood pressure.

Boost Your Mood:

Walking triggers the release of feel-good endorphin and makes you happy. It not only lifts your mood but also relieves tension, stress and anxiety.

Increased circulation of Oxygen and Glucose:

Believe it or not, walking can actually increase your intelligence. Walking helps to supply the brain with the required amounts of oxygen and glucose, which helps it function better.

Things You Should Consider Before Walking:
Choose the Right Walking Shoes:

Choosing the right shoes is one of the most important things to consider before a walk. Walking shoes have flexible soles and stiff heel counters to prevent side-to-side motion.  Normal flat surfaces only require low-heeled shoes that are comfortable, cushioned and lightweight.
7 Strong Reasons For 30 Minutes Morning Walk Everyday! 17 Strong Reasons For 30 Minutes Morning Walk Everyday! 2


Have Your Favourite Music Playlist:

Best music tracks during your walk, helps you put more efforts without feeling a pain. Yes, you will not even realise that you have put in an extra effort or you have reached farther than the previous day! Choose the best music player like Sony Walkman 4GB Digital Music Player or Philips GoGear Mix.


Know Your Route:

You should always have a clear idea on where you are walking. You’ll feel more comfortable and confident knowing what to expect as you walk and not waste any walking time figuring out a route.

Find a Walking Buddy: 

Just think how good it is to have a group of friends for a morning walk everyday. First of all, you will not fee the pain/strain of walking and also, you are going to really enjoy your walk. So, choose the group or mate with whom you walk everyday.

What Time You Should Walk?

Many studies suggest that the best strategy for lowering body fat percentage is to get your walk soon after waking up. Basically, Glycogen levels are depleted during sleep, so your body will utilise body fat as an energy source.

Carry Water Along With You:

One of the easiest ways to burn extra fat is simply drinking more water. It may increase the rate at which healthy people burn calories. It is estimated that increasing water intake by 1.5 liters a day (about 6 cups) would burn an extra 17,400 calories over the course of the year!


It’s always a challenge to keep your body and mind healthy. Exploring some easy options like morning walk and following the routine in a discipline manner could be a game changer in your life!!

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