Origin stories behind the most famous WWE Superstars Cast

WWE audiences have always loved a well-developed character who stands out from the rest. Some WWE characters became iconic since day one while others took time to catch on.

Many characters have become very popular. In fact, it becomes difficult to separate the real wrestler from the role which he plays.

Here are unknown origin stories behind WWE most famous characters:

Triple H: How Paul Levesque came up with this character

Triple H was, earlier, booked as Jean-Paul Levesque, a French aristocrat but McMahon decided to make the character American. And WWE originally suggested Reginald DuPont as his new name.

However, Levesque asked them to come up with a name with cool initials, and this is how Hunter Hearst Helmsley was born. The name Triple H stuck after Shawn Michaels began calling him that.

Stone Cold: Story behind Steve Williams turning into ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin

Stone Cold is the most popular character the WWE has ever managed to come up with. He is a hell-raising Texan rebel, who is loud-mouthed, a drunkard, and someone who always manages to rub people the wrong way.

The name and the look were suggested by Austin himself and he was inspired by serial killer Richard Kuklinski, also known as ‘The Iceman’.

Hulk Hogan: The Hullkster’s inspiration behind his name and character

Hulk Hogan popularized wrestling in the 80s. He was the WWE’s face for a long time.

The story behind his name is that ‘Hogan’ was an Irish character Vince McMahon senior had thought of.

The first name Hulk was added since Hogan had huge biceps like the comic character ‘The Hulk’.

Seeing his popularity with youngsters, the character was developed as a face.

Kane: Glenn’s character has an interesting backstory

After failing to portray numerous other characters, WWE decided to re-launch Glenn Jacobs as Kane, the masked brother of The Undertaker.

The back-story provided was that while playing one day with matchsticks, the two brothers had burned up their house. This incident caused a mental damage and pyromaniacal tendencies in Kane.

The name was taken from ‘Kane The Undertaker’, Taker’s earlier in-ring name.

The Undertaker: WWE’s most famous gimmick of all time

When Mark Calaway was first contacted by McMahon, he did not know the gimmick he would be portraying. McMahon suggested a character he had in mind but did not find the right person for it. It was of an Old West mortician, who would be involved with death and the macabre.

McMahon himself suggested the name ‘The Undertaker’ and rest is history

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