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Domain Extension – what is that you need to know about it?

Domain Extensions:

Domain Name is one of the basic, yet most important factors in your website. It is nothing but a web address of your website. If you would like one to visit your website, he/she must know your website address rather than IP address or any other channel.  You need to choose the simple website name which is easy to remember as well.

Some of the popular domain extensions:

.COM: This is the most popularly used domain extension. This is mainly meant for commercials and hence, largely used by businesses. If your target audience are global, then this is the domain extension to go for.

.IN: IN represents the country code for India. If you would like to reach audience only in India, then .IN is the right domain.

.NET: Another most popular extension now which is for “Network”; it’s generally used by the companies which are engaged in the providing internet services.

The Best Domain Name & Hosting Companies:

.ORG: It represents “Organization”. This extension is used by non-profit making organizations and trade associations

.TV: This extension is for rich contents/multi-media websites. This is commonly used by within the multi-media or entertainment industry.

.BIZ: Used for small business websites.

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