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This is how your body functions during sleep!

Body, Mind and Sleep – these are the most important words we hear in our lives. Sleep, being one of the most beautiful and peaceful word and we can just think of peace, relaxation, dreams etc. when we hear about Sleep. However, ever thought how your body functions during sleep? Yes, there is a close relationship between body, mind and sleep!

Incredible facts about how your body functions while you sleep:

temperatureYour body temperature drops: When you are fall asleep, your body temperature begins to decrease. This is an indication to your brain to alert your sleep/wake cycle. Did you know? your body temperature is lowest around 2:30 AM!

brain functionsYour brain cleans house: During night hours, we are just physically in sleep. However, our brain is as active as it is during the day time. When we sleep, we are actually giving time to the brain to clear off toxic byproducts that could otherwise pile up and create problems. So, brain acts as a cleaner of the body!

blood pressureYour heart rate and blood pressure will decrease: When we sleep our body doesn’t require much energy as it requires when we are awake. Also, blood pressure need to reduce during night so that your cardiac muscle and circulatory systems get time to relax and repair.

lose weightLoss of weight: You would be breathing out humid air all the day which consumes lot of water in your body. Since, we do not intake any food when slept, there is a possibility of reduction in weight when in sleep. So, if you are conscious about your body weight, check sometime in the morning rather in the evening.

eye movementYour eye movement becomes slow: The typical night’s sleep is divided into 5 cycles. First four stages in each cycle regarded as quiet sleep or non-rapid eye movement (NREM). The final stage is regarded as rapid eye movement (REM) stage. During the first four stages, your brain waves will slow down as much as 50%. In this stage 40% regular blood flow to brain is diverted into muscle to restore energy!

breathingBreathing: When we fall asleep, throat muscles relax so that the throat gets narrower each time we inhale. The throat is narrowed and you start snoring.

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