Wow! Young woman fights tiger with a stick, takes Selfie before medical help!


Selfie craze has grown big time in the last few years, especially as more and more people have got a smartphone and selfie-stick. Even Prime Minister Narendra Modi clicks a few whenever he is out meeting people and students. There is even a Bollywood song about the trend of clicking selfies. While clicking selfies and posting it on social media is not wrong, what is worrying is the extent to which people go these days. Such is the selfie mania that no occasion is small or big enough to not take a selfie.

That is what you will realise once you read the story of this 23-year-old woman who fought a tiger with a mere stick. She got a bloodied face, managed to scare away the big cat. Before she would seek medical help, took out her phone and clicked a selfie.

Here Is The Interesting Story Behind Crazy Selfie:

It all started when Rupali Meshram, 23, from Maharashtra heard a goat bleat. This was at her house. The girl ran out and saw a tiger attacking the goat. She fought the big cat using a stick. The fight wasn’t going well. The tiger took a swipe at Rupali and her face was injured. But the fact that she stood up her ground. Before her mother dragged her inside the house, did the trick. The tiger ran away.

After the win against the tiger, it was apparently time for a selfie. Soon after the incident, Rupali took a selfie of her posing with her mother. The selfie of Rupali shows her smiling at the camera while her mother looking a bit dazed about all that had happened a while ago. The mother-daughter suffered minor injuries, for which they sought treatment at a nearby hospital. That is after the selfie. The doctor who treated Rupali praised her for her extraordinary courage and said that she was lucky not to be bitten by the big cat.

How Selfie-stick & Selfies are impacting us?

Doctors have recognised selfie addiction as a disorder called “selfitis” and say that people who have this urge to post selfies all the time and share on social media need psychological help.

Mumbai Police, in the year 2016, had to enforce no-selfie zones at 16 places across the city. A recent video from Hyderabad where a man got hit by a train while clicking selfie shocked the nation. The man managed to survive but the video of the incident is a gentle reminder that there’s a thin line between sanity and insanity and clicking cool selfies and selfies that may kill you.

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