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four wheel drive

All About Four Wheel Drive (4WD) and All Wheel Drive (AWD)!

The car dealers strategies increasing day by day to make it easy for customers to choose the right vehicle. However, making a right choice of the car is still a headache for many buyers. The reason for this is very simple! There are still a list of confusing topics which

car accessories

Top 5 Car Accessories in India To Avoid Car Theft!

Did you know? An average of over four billion dollars worth of cars are stole in US alone per year. However, they are able to trace only 15 percent of them! Your car need not be really expensive because thieves target your vehicle to steal some of it’s valuable components.

jeep compass

Jeep Compass Review, Prices and Features

Jeep Compass is on sale in India with the price brand of INR 14.95 Lakh to 20.65 Lakh from July 31 2017. The Compass launch is one more example that Jeep can produce cars that can take on anything and literally go anywhere. Jeep took a really long time to kick

Upcoming cars in India to watch out!

A very good news for car buyers is here! Yes, you have more than a dozen cars lined up for launch in near term in the Indian market! Car enthusiasts, here are the list of upcoming cars in India: Hyundai Verna : Expected to launch during the end of August

auto theft

Worried about vehicle theft? There are simple ways to combat it!!

Motor vehicle theft is considered to be a criminal act that consists of stealing or attempting to steal any vehicle. You might be shocked to hear that a vehicle or a car can be stolen within 60 seconds! There are millions of vehicles missing worldwide in a year and most of