Ball-Tampering Row: Sachin, Warne & Others Open Up On the 12 Months Ban


Steve Smith and David Warner were banned for 12 months on Wednesday. This decision came after an investigation into the Australian cricket team’s cheating scandal identified Warner as the instigator of the ball-tampering plan in South Africa. Cricket Australia said Warner “instructed” young batsman Cameron Bancroft to carry out the tampering on the field with a piece of sandpaper. He even showed Bancroft how to do it. And, then misled match officials and tried to cover up his role in the cheating.

Smith, the top Test batsman in the world and the star of Australian cricket, knew about the plan. But the captain failed “to take steps to seek to prevent the development and implementation of that plan,” Cricket Australia said as it released the findings of the investigation by its head of integrity that dragged in all the players, coaches and backroom staff for questioning.

Smith and Warner were banned from playing for Australia, or any high-level cricket in Australia, for a year. Bancroft received a nine-month ban, because he’s an impressionable newcomer in the team.

Here is how World’s greatest cricket players reacted to ball-tampering punishment:

Cricket Australia Right in Banning Smith, Warner: Sachin Tendulkar

Smith and Warner have also been barred from playing the cash-rich IPL while young opener Cameron Bancroft has been suspended for nine months. Earlier, ICC had banned Smith for one Test match and fined his full match fee. 

They Had to be Banned for 12 Months – Ian Chappell

They had to go for 12 months with Smith and Warner. I think if they would have only given six months to them and they tried to play in Australia’s next summer, the booing and crowd reaction wold have been so bad. It would have been very hard for the players and it would not have been a very good situation for Cricket Australia.” – Ian Chappell

12-Month Ban is Too Harsh: Shane Warne

Spin legend Shane Warne feels that the punishment handed out to the captain Steve Smith and his two teammates after their involvement in ball tampering was a bit too harsh.

“I am still trying to wrestle with what I think the punishment should be. They have to be harsh, but if they are rubbed out for a year, the punishment does not fit the crime. Let’s take the emotion out of it. We are all feeling angry and embarrassed. But you need a level head and you shouldn’t destroy someone unless they deserve to be destroyed. Their actions were indefendable, and they need to be severely punished. But I don’t think a one-year ban is the answer. My punishment would have been to miss the fourth Test match, a huge fine, and be sacked as captain and vice-captain. But they should still be allowed to play.” – Shane Warne

Punishment is Too Harsh, But CA Had to Send a Message: Vaughan

Hope the Players Get a Fair Trial: Pietersen

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